Turkish Airlines / Fortune Traveller

The most audacious influencer campaign

Brave Bison recruits the World’s most influential for Turkish Airlines Fortune Traveller project.

The Brief

Turkish Airlines fly to more destinations than any other airline. They live by the platform of ‘Widen Your World’ by connecting the many cultures of the places they fly to. They briefed Brave Bison to create an ambitious Social Video campaign that would put the airline front of mind to affluent travellers the world over and demonstrate the premium nature of their service.

Our Idea

Each vlogger was challenged with creating two ‘travelogues’: one showcasing Istanbul and one featuring a further city selected at random.

The vloggers created three pieces of content in total, documenting their experiences on what was to be titled the Turkish Airlines ‘Fortune Traveller’ journey. These three content pieces consisted of an intro video, a video in Istanbul where their adventures in the city concluded with discovering the second hitherto unknown destination. This was followed by a video in second destination city which included New York, Singapore, Nepal, Berlin, Casablanca, Paris, Mumbai, London, Tokyo and Bangkok.

The 30 short-form episodes were hosted on the vloggers’ own YouTube channels, with supporting promotional materials hosted on the Turkish Airlines channel.


Never before had a brand used influencers in such an ambitious and creative fashion and it resulted in impressive, tangible results. Subscribers to the Turkish Airlines YouTube channel increased by 24% as a result of the activity making them the most subscribed airline on the platform. They also gained 34k new followers on Twitter and 271k new likes on Facebook showing that the airline was very much part of the conversation.

We also saw a two point lift in message association where net promoter scores are concerned and an eight point lift in brand awareness. The sheer scale and reach led to huge engagement putting Turkish Airlines front of mind, globally and sales increased by 14% during the campaign period demonstrating that Social Video does work and when influencers are harnessed on the right way, they can work wonders for a brand.