Slash Football

Grassroots Social Video for Gen Zedders

Creating compelling Social Video for fans through the lens of grassroots and creator football.

What is Slash Football?

Slash Football is Brave Bison’s multi-platform football entertainment brand appealing to male Gen Z audiences with a sprinkling of Gen Y. Our focus is grassroots and creator football and our currency is Social Video. In a space that’s ever growing and an audience who have a seemingly insatiable appetite for football video on the internet we are the purveyor of brilliantly watchable football stories. Check out our content on YouTube and Facebook.

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The Last 5
SF Live

From the much-loved documentary Park Life to live streams around the big fixtures and sought-after viral videos watched by millions we look at what the sport means to a generation who feel detached from top-tier football; a generation who want to be tickled green by content that never takes itself seriously. We’ve created branded content and experiences for the likes of Sega, Papa Johns and Marriott and we’re creating Social Video that hits the chalky spot for fans day in day out. Welcome to the future of football video.