P&G / SK-II / One Bottle Away From

Up close and personal: Candid documentaries of the famous

We created ‘One Bottle Away From’ to document the lives of three celebrity influencers in order to show SK-II as a lifestyle choice for the ambitious.

The Brief

SK-II wanted to position Facial Treatment Essence as a core skincare product that as part of a routine gives confidence to achieve life’s ambitions. They wanted to creatively showcase the product as a lifestyle choice for affluent, ambitious women through the real stories of three celebrities. SK-II had used celebrities a lot in the past but in more traditional, scripted advertising.

Our Idea

Building on the success of Beauty Bound we created ‘One Bottle Away From’, a series of mixed media films that follow the day-to-day lives of three celebrities as they embark on a journey to make big changes in their lives. Former Victoria Secret’s model Behati was transitioning from runway model to mother and working towards a big TV appearance. Sooyoung was breaking away from the collective cocoon of a big girl band and LiQin was breaking out as a big screen actress. The project shows an intimate and candid account of the three celebrity influencers using the product as part of their routine and working towards their respective big milestones.

We helped source and negotiate the celebrities involved, conducting interviews to tease the personal stories and opinions, presenting back to our audience through film in a way that resonated. We produced the content at settings personal to the talent in LA, China and Korea


Our intimate and often candid stories were teased out across multiple platforms including Instagram and YouTube. It was the first time SK-II had worked in this way and the views and engagements benchmarked way above average across the Asian countries where the films were released achieving 10 billion impressions and 9 million social engagements. Fans of the celebrities were given access they’d never had before; a warming dose of authenticity that helped make the product more legitimate for SK-II’s audience.