Shell / YouTube Content Strategy and Channel Management

An innovative content strategy for an innovative company

Brave Bison were called upon to help bring some content excellence to Shell’s YouTube offering.

Shell Social Media Strategy

The Brief

Energy company Shell first approached us in February 2017. They’d identified that they had a fragmented presence on YouTube; multiple channels for different units of the business, little video content strategy and architecture on the social platform and a shortfall in the ‘audience first’ content. Shell are a hugely innovative company and when it comes to energy are working towards a more sustainable future; we were tasked with using Social Video to help raise awareness of their purpose.

Our Work

Brave Bison was given the task to clean up the platform and turn it into a best practice example for the whole business. Within six months we’d reduced the number of videos on Shell’s channel from 3,000 to 1,200 public videos to ensure that their audience were only served the most relevant content. We optimised 66% of those videos to best practice standards.

Working closely with various stakeholders within the business we proposed to merge Shell's five biggest YouTube channels into one and by the end of 2017 Shell had one holistic YouTube presence. This is crucial in helping the audience better understand the brand offering and messaging. Not only that, we had also delivered a YouTube Social Video Strategy where we set up content strands or themes, each serving a different but very important purpose to Shell’s audience. The strategy was 'audience first' at heart, aiming to deliver content that their audience would find entertaining, educational or useful.

Shell Social Media Strategy


Shell recognises the value Brave Bison add to their business with its social media and Social Video expertise. Not only are the first results from our channel management outstanding - having grown the number of subscribers by over 125%, we also have a seat on Shell’s newly-formed YouTube Editorial Board that helps bring structure and strategy to the platform and helps educate Shell employees how to create fantastic Social Video on topics that are fundamental to current and future generations.