PGA Tour

Strategic Partnership

The Brief

The PGA TOUR has steadily developed and maintained a YouTube presence with its portfolio of YouTube channels. Brave Bison was tasked with developing such a strategy to maximise the TOUR’s unrealized audience and revenue potential on YouTube.

Our Work

We work in collaboration with the PGA TOUR’s global content and business development teams focusing on YouTube channel management, digital rights management, and content strategy development to drive advertising revenue, increase organic views, and generate subscriber growth as part of the partnership. In the lead up to THE PLAYERS Championship in May we also kicked off a new content series called The Sweet Spot; a YouTube format that builds excitement around PGA TOUR tournaments throughout the year using a mix of well known archive footage from previous tournaments overlaid with animation.


Within the first year of the partnership, the TOUR has doubled its YouTube advertising revenue, and the channel’s subscriber growth rate has doubled as you can see from the graphic above.

We have highlighted some of the tactics behind this growth below:

  • We repurposed existing content formats to a YouTube-first environment and optimized evergreen content, which increased watchtime by +79% and grew subscribers by +106% compared to the previous year.
  • We have gained oversight over fan produced content uploads outside of the official PGA TOUR properties. Our rights management team claimed over 5,000 videos, manually in 2017. The increased focus on rights management resulted in +218% growth in UGC views, and +167% growth in UGC revenue.
  • We leveraged the existing audiences of the central PGA TOUR channel to drive fans over to channels with smaller audiences in the PGA TOUR portfolio.

As a result of the successful first year of collaboration, Brave Bison have now created YouTube-first content formats on the channel in 2018 to drive further growth. You can the see the first episode of Sweet Spot at the top of the page.

Will Pyne, Chief Creative Officer at Brave Bison commented: “The PGA TOUR has been synonymous with great golf moments over the years. We wanted not only to ensure this legacy content and exciting new stories were brought to as wide an audience as possible, but we mixed golf the sport with popular culture to appeal to new audiences.”