The channel that explores, educates and entertains, with a touch of mischief and banter.

VTRND is the home for social media-obsessed Gen-Z individuals.

Our audience don’t like to take life too seriously. Through inspiring stories of everyday transformation VTRND solves, excites, inspires and entertains. VTRND brings fresh content to our audience showcasing the craziest skills, most useful hacks and incredible stories from all around the world.

VTRND began as a home to viral content but has grown to be the home of the very best, funniest and inspirational trending social content curated for our social media-obsessed Gen Z followers.

The VTRND audiences want the latest scoop on everything trending and popular across social today and we know what content to bring them. In the past year, we have launched series like Extreme Routines, which challenges viewers to follow the crazy routines of celebrities, and VTRND Challenge, where a presenter is put the test to complete an intense 5 day fitness inspired challenge.


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Idris Elba Coughs on Hot Wings: Memebusters

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