Brave Bison X Snapchat

30th October 2018

Brave Bison is now on Snapchat

Brave Bison is pleased to announce that its multi-platform channels, Mutha and Perk, are partnering with Snapchat to feature on its new Shows section of the mobile-app. The deal is part of Snapchat’s announcement today, stating that it will be significantly expanding its content from UK creators, offering users more choice, more perspectives and more of what they like.

The new Shows feature expands the selection of local content available on Snapchat’s Discover page, which already features Publisher Stories from well-known UK brands including the Telegraph, the Sun and the Economist. Shows are now easier to find, with dedicated profile pages for each Show where Snapchatters can access all available episodes and seasons to watch. A designated Shows carousel on the Discover page will also soon be introduced.

Claire Hungate, Chief Executive at Brave Bison, commented, “Over 90% of UK social network users aged 18-24 are using Snapchat, which makes it a key distribution platform for Mutha and Perk given that their content and subject matter are both aimed squarely at a Gen Z and Millennial audience. This is a great opportunity for us to widen the reach of our entertaining content with purpose. We're very excited to be partnering with Snapchat on this new push into UK content.”

Mutha celebrates sustainable and conscious living, working with organisations, brands and individuals who are taking positive action. Its aim is to inspire its audience into behaviour change and be an antidote to much of today’s negative media narrative on the subject. Mutha has launched in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme. Perk celebrates individuals who’ve found their work niche in order to inspire a future generation of workers; entertaining and educational careers content focussed on real people and work themes. Fans of the two channels will see new content on Snapchat each week.

Mutha and Perk are part of Brave Bison’s network of twenty owned and operated channels, with Brave Bison ranked the fifth biggest media publisher in the world and Facebook’s number one global media publisher, according to the leaderboard of "Most Views by Media and Entertainment Properties" produced by Tubular Labs for September 2018*. 

Advertisers can now take advantage of Commercials on Snapchat with six-second non-skippable ad formats, that run in Shows.