Advertising Week Asia

14th May 2018

Brave Bison and Unruly announce partnership at Advertising Week Asia

Brave Bison, the social video company, has launched a partnership with Unruly, the video marketplace you can trust.

Brands are relying on data driven techniques and insights to inform strategy, ideation and distribution behind creating Social Video campaigns more than ever before. Brave Bison and Unruly announced their collaboration at Advertising Week Asia to demonstrate the power of combining data and creativity as one. 

Brave Bison and Unruly have been working independently on many of the same brand campaigns over the last four years across the Asia-Pacific market including campaigns for ANA, Shell and Proctor and Gamble. Now as partners, Unruly will provide the data, insights and distribution whilst Brave Bison will provide the creative ideation and production, coupled with a wide influencer network - a unique proposition to brands across APAC.

At Advertising Week Asia, Caroline Troman, GM of Brave Bison APAC and Phil Townend, CCO APAC at Unruly presented the five key steps for end to end Social Video success: strategy, data, origination, activation and distribution, which together the two companies can now provide.

Following the presentation, Troman and Townend were joined for a fireside chat with Brave Bison’s Brand Solutions Director Debbie Lin where they discussed creating social video content for the Japanese market using the power of data and the potential re-emergence of a full service agency model.

Caroline Troman, General Manager for APAC at Brave Bison commented: “We are really excited to be partnered with Unruly, it was a completely natural fit, both our businesses have the same end to end strategic approach to Social Video and both offer complementary elements of this approach. Together we now believe we offer something completely unique to the market, creativity & data working together from the onset. As the Social Video space becomes more and more crowded, it’s imperative that data and creativity are acting as one to enable the brand messages through the diverse social channels to stand out from the crowd.”

Phil Townend, Chief Creative Officer APAC at Unruly commented: “Unruly has been pioneering the power of social video since our inception back in 2006, advocating brand storytelling which users choose to watch and share. Brave Bison embody this spirit of creativity, and craft powerful, emotive videos which are proven to drive results for big blue chip brand partners. Now advertisers have a trusted end to end solution which combines best in class creativity, programmatic activation and measurement as they seek to reconnect with consumers at a human level”