Statement re press speculation

The boards of Brave Bison and Zinc Media Group plc ("Zinc Media") note today's press speculation concerning a possible combination between Brave Bison and Zinc Media. The Company confirms that following an approach by Zinc Media they have held preliminary discussions with Zinc Media in relation to the possibility of a combination of Brave Bison and Zinc Media.

No formal proposal has been made at this time and there can be no guarantee that one will be forthcoming nor as to the terms on which any combination might be made.

Consequently, as required by Rule 2.6(a) of the Code, Zinc Media is required, by not later than 5.00 p.m. on 15 June 2017, either to announce a firm intention to make an offer for Brave Bison in accordance with Rule 2.7 of the Code or announce that it does not intend to make such an offer, in which case the announcement will be treated as a statement to which Rule 2.8 of the Code applies. This deadline may be extended with the consent of the Panel in accordance with Rule 2.6(c) of the Code. If Zinc Media announces that it does not intend to make an offer for Brave Bison, Zinc Media and any person(s) acting in concert with it will, except with the consent of the Panel, be bound by the restrictions contained in Rule 2.8 of the Code for six months from the date of such announcement.

For the purposes of note 3 on Rule 2.5 of the Code this announcement has been made with the consent of Brave Bison and Zinc Media.

A summary is set out below of the dealing disclosure requirements under the Code, which require action by holders (whether directly or indirectly) of more than 1 per cent. of Brave Bison's and of Zinc Media's issued share capital.

For further information, contact:

Brave Bison Group plc
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Kevin Deeley (Chief Operating and Finance Officer)

Zinc Media Group plc
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David Galan (Chief Operating and financial officer)
Tel: +44 (0) 207 878 2311

Stockdale Securities
Richard Johnson / Andy Crossley / Ed Thomas
Tel: 020 7601 6100

N+1 Singer
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FTI Consulting (PR adviser to Brave Bison)
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