Investor Information

Brave Bison is a Social Video studio. We work with brands, creators and platforms to create, distribute and monetise video that’s fit for a digital world.

Brave Bison is a social video group, specialising in cross-platform video content, connecting global audiences through social media.

Its online communities reach over 158 million followers and the Brave Bison Studio provides expertise across strategy, research, data-driven insights, creative and production.

Brave Bison is one of the largest YouTube channel partners, with over 650+ channels offering targeted inventory opportunities, alongside in-house specialists that deliver audience development and optimisation.

Its cultural connections and extensive networks have built the business long-standing client relationships with brands including P&G, Land Rover and Lego.

Corporate Governance

The Company adheres to the provisions of the Quoted Companies Alliance Governance Code, details of which can be found here.