Channel Management

Brave Bison is a premium YouTube multi-channel network (MCN), with significant expertise in channel management. We know how to grow audiences on social channels and increase engagement, using a combination of data and content expertise in our channel management services to provide strategic guidance on how to optimise and develop the YouTube channels of some of the world’s best-known organisations. 


Our cross-platform channel management strategy delivers growth on YouTube, with whom we’ve been a preferred partner since 2006, alongside Facebook and Snapchat, who announced Brave Bison as an official Discover production partner at their 2019 summit.


If your brand or organisation wants to grow an engaged YouTube audience then Brave Bison’s channel management capabilities can help you do just that.

Channel Management: Link up TV & European Tour

Some examples of success with our channel management business include: working with The European Tour to provide expertise in social content and audience growth strategies, with Brave Bison providing rights management and channel management services; working with Link Up TV to use our content strategy expertise to help grow their YouTube audience; and providing channel management for niche sport World Chase Tag, whereby Brave Bison provides content strategy and advice to grow their YouTube audience.


It is important to optimise your YouTube channel if you want to grow an engaged audience and so working with a premium MCN like Brave Bison can enable you to benefit from extensive channel management expertise, along with content strategy and audience growth services.


If you are looking to grow an engaged audience on YouTube then get in touch to learn more about our channel management offering!