Slash Football’s influencer-led Facebook Live show taps into the ‘The Last Five’ minutes of EPL fixtures

August 26th, 2016

Slash Football is forging its place among the big players in influencer driven football entertainment with its new Facebook Live show, The Last Five, which taps into the excitement around the final moments of English Premier league games on a Saturday.

The new show runs every Saturday at 4:40pm, capturing the last five minutes of the 3pm kick-off EPL fixtures with high octane and entertaining coverage.

It will be live streamed on Facebook from a studio with a host of influencer talent including Hugh Wizzy, Craig Mitch and The True Geordie reacting to events as they unfold around the country with the help of its other leading personalities, such as Cheeky Sports.

Commenting on the what idea behind the new show, Will Pyne, chief creative officer at Brave Bison, said: “So often we see live content that doesn’t have any real reason to be live. The Last Five aims to broadcast football events when they matter most, using a raw mix of talent that appeal to our younger audience.“

The new show represents an astute move from the Brave Bison owned channel which joins other platforms, such as Kick and Copa 90, who cater to younger audiences on social media with original football entertainment shows across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

As millennials increasingly turn to social media platforms for original content that prolongs the life of football beyond the confines of the live matches, influencer driven shows are going from strength-to-strength.

The big broadcasters such as Sky Sports have begun to follow suit with the launch of its Carling sponsored Friday Night football show which attempts to extend the stories surround the fixtures beyond the traditional post-match analysis. ESPN partnered with popular YouTube stars as it looked to strengthen its Euro 2016 coverage.