Rightster becomes Brave Bison

May 10th, 2016

Rightster, the global multi-platform network for digital video, IS re-launching worldwide as Brave Bison.

Following the return of Ashley MacKenzie to the group as CEO, as well as the subsequent £10m raise on January 7, 2016, the company is embarking on a transformation from third-party technology provider to social video broadcaster, creating and capturing advertising spend whilst harnessing its expertise in online video content, video creator partnerships and audience generation. The board of directors believes that this re-positioning will enable the Company to become a leading social video manager and producer extending the company’s global reach.

Ashley MacKenzie, CEO of newly named Brave Bison, said: “Brave Bison embodies the spirit and values, the attitude and energy, necessary for our company’s essential next chapter. To maintain competitive advantage in a world that is always changing, the future online video business needs to commercialise audiences by succeeding across the full spectrum of content. Having over 20 years in the global media and advertising business, I can tell you there is no more important position for our company to be in.”

Since Ashley MacKenzie’s return as CEO, the company has focused on capturing advertising spend using expertise in online video content and audience management. As Brave Bison, advertising revenue will be driven driven by an increase in high value brand deals, with partnerships including Procter & Gamble, Universal Pictures International and United Airlines. Recent progress includes:

The sourcing of popular French YouTube talent Caroline et Safia for Procter & Gamble’s Tampax Compak Pearl Campaign. Partnering with the Turkish Tourist Board and Turkish Airlines to bring a social following of over 40 million people to an online travelogue with Snapchat star Jerome Jarre, German vlogger star Sami Slimani and American filmmaker Casey Neistat; Supporting live YouTube channel reporting and rights management for all 29 of Paramount Pictures International’s owned or operated international YouTube channels. The company is also providing metadata optimisation for all Paramount Pictures’ video uploads.