December 9th, 2015

In this latest roundup, Rightster explores the online talent who have created businesses.

The popularity of online video has meant modern content creators can amass a highly engaged and interactive audience. For brands looking to tap into these audiences, a collaboration or partnership with an established creator can prove highly beneficial.

Link Up TV

Starting as a YouTube channel in 2008, Link Up TV Ltd was later founded in 2012 by young UK entrepreneurs and video creators Rashid Kasirye (owner) and Enea Tanku (co-founder and CEO), and is dedicated to discovering and showcasing the best unsigned and emerging artists.

Having featured rappers such as Wretch 32 and Tinie Tempah, Link Up TV has gained recognition as one of the leading platforms for new talent to flourish.

Link Up TV has previous experience working on brand collaborations, such as U Fest, which it co-hosted in partnership with The Floating Cinema.

With a monthly audience reach of 110 million, audience engagement of 23 million and more than half a million Facebook likes, Link Up TV has established itself as an urban culture authority on Facebook, with a content offering of shows, competitions, freestyles and behind-the-scenes footage.

Rob Chapman

Launched in 2006, the channel of English guitarist Rob “Chappers” Chapman has become the home of everything guitar-related on YouTube, from instructional videos to demonstrations and reviews of the latest music tech.

With his entertaining and educational videos, including Gibson Vs Epiphone – Guitar Battle: AKA How to be Slash for under £1000 (above) at Andertons with over 1.5 million views, and Ever wondered what a fretless electric guitar sounds like?? (below) with close to 1.2 million views, Rob has amassed 115 million views and built a massive following of more than 330,000 subscribers on YouTube.

His expertise and love for guitars was noticed by music instrument distribution giant Barnes & Mullins, who offered him the chance to create a signature guitar. Dubbed “ML1”, the guitar was designed in collaboration with Rob’s YouTube followers who suggested features through the platform.

This led to the launch of Rob’s own line of music instruments, Chapman Guitars, a music tech venture which has continued the tradition of YouTube collaborative design started by the ML1.

Rob’s engaging personality and his clear passion for one of the most popular musical instruments has made him appealing to numerous guitar, music accessory and music tech brands, and he’s headlined campaigns for Anderstons Music, Faith Guitars and Marshall Amplification (below).

Twist And Pulse

Britain’s Got Talent runner ups Twist (Ashley Glazebrook) and Pulse (Glen Murphy) are renowned online for their unique and quirky dance routines, having won five UK Streetdance Championships between them and reaching the Top 10 in the World Hip Hop Championships.

Twist And Pulse’s skills have gained them more than 800,000 fans and millions of views on Facebook. Their video WHEN A DANCERS PHONE RINGS! (below) has become a massive hit achieving more than 7.7 millions views and 120,000 likes to date.

Twist and Pulse have established the Twist and Pulse Dance Company, where they act as choreographers and mentors, to provide role models and purpose for young people across the UK.

With content aimed at, and favoured by, predominantly young audiences (60% of their viewers fall in the 13-24 age bracket), Twist And Pulse have already worked on campaigns with Canon (above), Domino’s, Specsavers, Google and Samsung (below) to name a few.

Supercars Of London

Founded by car enthusiast Paul Wallace, Supercars Of London (SOL) started out in 2008 with a few accidental viral videos like The Dumbest Rich Man in the WORLD! (above) with more than 12 million views and Lamborghini Teasing The Police with close to five million views.

Since then Paul has aimed to create his “own quirky brand of automotive content” featuring supercar spotting videos, epic road trip vlogs, reviews, test drives and everything else that can tickle the fancy of a dedicated petrolhead.

As a result, Supercars Of London has racked up more than 117 million YouTube views to date, not to mention 313,000 subscribers and 254,000 Instagram followers who view Paul’s daily adventures. Paul has also been featured on Channel 4’s mini documentary, YouTube’s Supercar Addict.

Besides allowing him to fulfil his lifelong dream of owning a supercar, the success of Paul’s YouTube channel has enabled him to pursue another passion project; the launch of his own clothing line, SOL Clothing. He explains, “with the help of my business degree, I was able to find an opportunity of growing a brand around my YouTube channel”.

Paul’s content makes him uniquely positioned to promote automotive brands, and he has already collaborated with car manufacturers Ford and Audi(below), as well as with Autotrader and Esso Fuels. Having also previously partnered for promotional campaigns with Microsoft and Samsung, he’s helped brands that want to appeal to a male millennial audience.


Supercurioso started as the personal project of Josean Munoz, a young “geek” from Barcelona. His passion for sharing amazing facts with the world led to the fast growth of the page and, today, the team is composed of 50 writers from all over the world and is still growing.

Supercurioso places curiosity at the heart of all its content. The team’s passion for interesting, unusual and compelling facts has earned them 3.3 million Facebook fans to date.

Some of its most popular videos include a real life Super Mario game with almost 700,000 views, and the answer to why making the bed is bad for your health (above) – super curious indeed.

Supercurioso’s dominant audience is 18- to 34-year-old Spanish speakers. This makes it the perfect collaborative match for innovative brands looking to penetrate Spanish-speaking markets.

They already have extensive experience working with software companies, product developers, websites and online stores, including Happn, Intermon Oxfam, Gas Natural Fenosa, and EAE Business School.

Asked about the secret behind the success of their branded campaigns, Joan Antonio Munoz, CEO of JoseanWebs and owner of Supercurioso, said: “Traditional advertising sucks, for this reason we create good storytelling around the product or service. We offer our community valuable content and more virality for our advertisers. It’s a win-win.”

By: Jamie Searle is director of content partnerships and creator services at Rightster

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