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Identify, approach and partner with leading YouTube creators as the ‘social content’ component to Universal’s theatrical marketing support of ‘Minion’s’ across EMEA. The ultimate content solution needed to drive overall awareness of this latest instalment in the ‘Despicable Me’ franchise, while creating hero appeal for what were previously supporting characters.


  • Brave Bison ran a series of European focus groups to identify what Millennial and Gen Z audiences found funny and appealing about Minions. How they “all looked the same, but slightly different” and how “these small differences inferred their personality and attitude” came out in several groups. Exploring this observation further, we extrapolated that every Minion’s subtle wardrobe preferences revealed their character traits.
  • Brave Bison sourced and contracted a range of European social influencers to create ‘comedic and compelling’ content based around a crystalizing moment…
  • The ‘Minions Fashion Show’ featured a range of works conceived by London Fashion students, exhibited at an event that ran during London Fashion Week and attended by the commissioned social influencers. Rather neatly, this event also coincided with the film’s London Premiere and EMEA theatrical release).
  • 10 video episodes were ultimately created and distributed organically via the influencers’ YouTube and social media channels.


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