Turkish Airlines

Influencer Series


Create a global YouTube campaign using key global influencers on the platform to spread and express Turkish Airlines’ ‘Widen Your World’ proposition.


  • Cognisant of Turkish Airlines’ key brand metrics, Brave Bison recruited 10 ‘best fit’ vloggers from around the world, each of which also boasted strong aggregate following and tier 1 engagement levels in their respective territories/You Tube networks.
  • Each vlogger was challenged with creating two ‘travelogues’: one showcasing Istanbul and one featuring a further city selected at random.
  • The vloggers created 3 pieces of content in total, documenting their experiences on what was to be titled the Turkish Airlines ‘Fortune Traveller’ journey. These 3 content pieces consisted of:
    • 1 intro video
    • 1 video in Istanbul, where their adventures in the city concluded with discovering the second hitherto unknown destination.
    • 1 video in second destination city (which included New York, Singapore, Nepal, Berlin, Casablanca, Paris, Mumbai, London, Tokyo and Bangkok).
  • The 30 short-form episodes were hosted on the vloggers’ own YouTube channels, with supporting promotional materials hosted on the Turkish Airlines channel.

“With the increasing importance of global YouTube network partnerships delivering long term success for brands on YouTube, we believe Brave Bison is the perfect partner to help navigate this space. Brave Bison brought together creators from multiple networks and created branded content which enabled Turkish Airlines to reach a truly global and engaged audience.”

Neset Dereli, Interactive Marketing Manager at Turkish Airlines