Pampers & Unicef

Research & Clearance


  • To effectively communicate Pampers’ belief that every baby should experience the same ‘First Times’ regardless of where they were born.
  • To make customers aware that for every specially marked pack of Pampers bought after the launch of the campaign, Pampers would donate the cost of one vaccine to help Unicef in the fight against Maternal and Newborn Tetanus.


  • Sourcing clips from around the globe and liaising with various charities in Africa to license their content.
  • Researching YouTube content to brief in line with Pampers’ brand values and the campaign creative.
  • Obtaining hi-res footage from video owners to ensure best broadcast quality was delivered.
  • Using appropriate family-orientated user-generated content to assure that the campaign would connect with customers on an emotional level.
  • Launching the ‘1 view = 1 vaccine’ initiative where one extra vaccine would be donated to Unicef with every view of the ‘First Time Moments’ video to drive additional traffic to the video.


Views in first 3 wks of the German version


Views of UK version