It’s easy to keep doing the same thing, the same way. Repeated patterns of behaviour cause minimum hassle or headache. But while the predictable is familiar and easy and headache-free, it can also be seriously boring and unremarkable.

You don’t change the world (in a big or even small way), by constantly accepting and repeating. And we’re in the business of looking to change the way things are and the way they can be done. As a group of people, we aspire to achieving the remarkable. We know, it sounds ambitious.
Even brave.

That’s why we don’t look to employ people who enjoy the familiar and the easy. We’re interested in people who are up for challenging all those status quo’s out there. There are those who are naturally brave. There are those who feel brave when they’re given permission. We admire the former, and we look to create a culture that stimulates the latter.

We believe in hiring and supporting people who feel confident enough to decide on the braver option. Who feel they are invited to question and challenge the way things are. Who feel brave enough to explore the alternatives.

Brave is a decision, and brave is for a reason. Brave is so that our people can realise their potential and reach for the remarkable.


Disruption... is a positive. It’s even worth saying twice. Disruption is a positive. While we all like the idea of things running smoothly, we’re far from keen on them running so smoothly that nothing ever changes; that nothing new ever happens. Because it’s well documented: progress and achievement are born of disruption.

Progress happens when you’re forced to work around a problem and find a way over or around an obstacle. We admire people who like to think around things. We admire people who don’t always come at the question in the same way, not always straight on, but maybe from the side.

‘Disruptive people’ are seldom satisfied, easily frustrated, quickly tire of mediocrity. They like to start different kinds of conversations. They like to start in a different place, in order to get to a better place. We believe disruptive people – of the right kind - are an inspiration. We’re not suggesting we want our people to stir everything up every day, but shaking things up to make things better - you bet - we’re all for that kind of disruption.


There are those who react to change. And then there are those who force change. Some people... personalities... types... just can’t help themselves: they initiate. They instigate. They don’t wait; don’t sit on their hands. Instead, they think and then they do. They are catalysts of a kind – sparking – creating momentum and acceleration and force.

We will always look to encourage and celebrate and reward people who are active, who are catalytic in their nature. You can call them ‘change-makers’. You could call them ‘movers and shakers’. Fact is, you can call them whatever you want, but the fact will always be: there are people in the world who make things happen and get stuff done. We have little time for passivity and indifference. We’d prefer if ambivalent people – those who feel most comfortable “going with the flow” – work somewhere else.

Personally speaking, we love people who get stuck in; who are hungry for results; who want to achieve and succeed and who recognize that they’re the ones most responsible for whether they do or not.

Here’s to the Catalytic in nature. Here’s to the doers.

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