Brave Talent is the first and only truly international social talent management division.

It provides 360-degree representation, in a digital, borderless world.

It is a new model; a new way of working with talent; to grow influence, fame and following in a Multi-Platform world.

Brave Talent is in response to a new reality: that partnerships between global brands and global influencers requires truly borderless talent management.

Borderless representation transcends culture, country and geographical border.

Borderless representation identifies the opportunities to drive audience and influence across all social platforms.

Borderless representation aligns traditional client opportunities, such as merchandising, TV & Film licensing and live appearances, with progressive brand-funded content making assignments and consumer marketing partnerships.

Our influencer clients are range from actors and athletes, to gamers, entertainers and filmmakers.

We represent some of the biggest social influencers in the world, and we place huge importance on nurturing and developing new and up-and-coming social talent.

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