Brave Studio

Brave Studio conceives, co-develops and produces original content solutions, designed to naturally, powerfully engage audiences and redefine how people feel about brands.

We believe content is fundamentally a transactional offer to audiences. An audience’s (very precious) time, in return for a greater level of reward; in return for a viewing experience that satisfies, that entertains or informs; that excites or provokes or inspires.

We challenge ourselves with producing original content that is anti-advertising is essence, social by design, and recognises the essentialness of value exchange.

Slash Football is a multi-platform digital channel owned and operated by Brave Bison. Its focus is Football People; the personalities behind the mighty game. From compelling live formats like The Last 5, to sought after behind the scenes films, Slash Football is the ultimate modern mix of content for a younger football audience.

Football People

Slash Football. We’re just a bit fascinated by Football People. From Champions Leaguers to Sunday leaguers, from the fans to the pundits and everyone in between. Without them, there would be no football as we know it.
We're here to squeeze every last drop of entertainment out of the mighty game.
We might take the Mickey, but Football People: We Salute You!

Canvas is where the UK arts scene lives and breathes on YouTube. Funded by Arts Council England, the platform’s mission is to inspire the next generation of creative talent through telling the stories of the country’s leading and most promising emerging artists. From contemporary to classical music, street dance to ballet, painting to sculpture, theatre to circus and literature to opera, Canvas proudly unearths the full spectrum of creativity across the country. From original series to collaborations with the UK’s leading arts organisations, there’s something to spark the imagination for everyone.

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