Brave is a decision.

The Online Video Business started out looking to ‘commercialise’ content through audience maximisation.

To maintain competitive advantage in a world that always catches up, an Online Video Business in 2016 ‘commercialises’ content by succeeding across ‘the full spectrum of content’ - from managing existing to conceiving and producing fresh, exciting, original content.

Brave Bison is the Online Video business redefined.

It is the art and science of content making and management.

It is creative, collaborative, data-informed, inspired and inspiring.

It is remarkable and unstoppable.

Brave Bison.

We strive to be at the forefront of the social video and content-making revolution; existing to make content, creators and brands famous to audiences around the world.

Brave /

To possess or show courage; to meet or face courageously; to defy; challenge; dare.

Brave Bison /

A bold statement of intent. To the marketplace. To content-makers.

Our Unique
Content Process

Our non-linear approach to creativity and social video is unique. We recognise that creativity can and must be data-informed. Because content must always be held to account, and it’s likely success is predictive.
We model probability.
Big Data is our ally.
We use Emotional AI as a copy testing tool.
We inspire and equip our creators so that they in turn can make, inspire and persuade.
Advertising effectiveness is our ongoing goal.
But in today’s digital world, ‘The How’ has changed radically.

We believe

We believe in the power of creativity, to excite and inspire.

We believe there’s a marvel of talent in the world, and that the Digital Age gives everyone their shot.

We believe brands can be a genuine and influential part of the content generation.

We remain committed to driving audience reach and revenues.

Broadcasting is

Broadcasting is changing, has gone digital; is becoming increasingly social.

The shape of entertainment, and how we are entertained, is evolving.

Audiences are ever more active, participative, and vocal.

What we watch, what we don’t, what we like and then do about it: viewer behaviours are finding new forms of expression all the time.

To play our part in this future, we must pre-empt and pivot.

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